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Essential oils

An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile (easily evaporated at normal temperatures) chemical compounds from plants.

Galbanum Essential Oil

Galbanum Essential Oil is steam distilled from the resin of a flowering plant that is indigenous to Iran (Persia). Galbanum resin has been widely used as incense and in perfumery .

Asafoetida Essential Oil

Asafoetida essential oil is extracted from the resin or gum of the asafoetida plant. It has been used for thousands of years and has great number of medicinal benefits. It has a strong, sulfurous and tenacious odor.

Savory Essential Oil

Savory essential oil is extracted from Satureia Montana through steam distillation of the blossom and Plant. The name Satureja is derived from Latin word satureia meaning herb. Savory essential oil is normally used as the booster of immune systems. It is also known as oil of Mountain savory.

Tarragon Essential Oil

It is a great replacement for salt, pepper, and vinegar. This herb is widely used in the kitchen, especially for fish or poultry, and is often infused for tarragon vinegar. The essence of tarragon is used in the perfume industry and as a scent for soap, detergent, cosmetics, and more .