Dates are high in sugar but these sugars are fructose, and glucose that our body can easily process and utilized giving us a natural boost in energy.

  • B-complex Vitamins

  • Mighty Minerals (calcium, magnesium and copper)

  • Potassium Powerhouse

  • High in Fiber


It is unique in the world due to its sugar percentage and nutritious value. Sayer dates are a semi-dried date with a sweet, unique taste. They are long and oval Sayer dates start off yellow in colour, then turn to amber-colored and then to reddish or dark brown as they ripen. Also known as Stamaran, Saamaran or Samberun dates.


Piarom Date or Maryami Date is another type of semi-dried Date . Piarom Dates have dark brown skin which is fully attached to the flesh. Growing Region: Hormozgan Province Used pitted or un-pitted for direct consumption especially as nuts with shelled nuts.


Mazafati Date is one of the most Famous and delicious varieties of the Dates which is usually used as Rutab. It is Fresh, Black Color, Soft Skin, Round Size, Meaty and Sweet.


Zahedi date is dry fruit with yellow color , meaty and so delicious which its moisture is less than other kinds of Date fruits. Zahedi dates are thick, small, oval dates.


Rabbi Dates is kind of dates which are soft, dark brown in color and long in size. Usage: Used Pitted or Unpitted For Direct Consumption and/or Pitted For Industrial Consumption.